detectorul de minciuni

1. State institutions, when there will, for:

-Testing Polygraph employees ANAF (OUG 74/2013);

-Testing Polygraph employees of MAI, The service customs, intelligence and security service (Law 269/2008 in Moldova).

2. Banking company, for:

– Prevention of internal fraud;

– Checking potential employees about the actions of criminal groups involved;

– Determining vulnerability or of persons engaged for employment (gambling addiction, drug, acute financial problems, damage to his previous employers).

3. Private security companies to:

– Determining vulnerabilities of people available for employment (drug abuse, gambling, harm to employers previous undiscovered police committing crimes);

– Verification of loyalty to the employer;

– Preventing stealing the objectives of human security ensured through regular testing;

– Verification of employees’ involvement in various criminal networks;

– Verification of allegations made maliciously;

– Any other situations contextual advertisement establish the truth.

4. Goods transport companies for:

– Verification of employees in administrative research;

– Establishing the veracity of the information contained in the candidate’s CV;

– Employee Polygraph testing in order to complete the claim file ( at the request of the insurance company in case of suspected international involvement ).

5. Pawnshops and foreign exchange:

– Verifying the honesty of staff in dealing with clients;

– Preventive check;

– Determining vulnerability or of persons engaged for employment ( gambling addiction, drug, acute financial problems, damage to his previous employers).

6. Law firms for:

– Verification of customer claims Representative to establish defense strategy.

7. Insurance companies:

– Verification of employee involvement in managing damage files fraudulent nature;

– Veracity of statements made by persons insured with gaze in terms of the damage claimed;- Establishing individual vulnerabilities in people selected for employment.

8. Wholesale distribution companies and retail stores for:

– Checking the vulnerability of individuals selected for the post of manager, salesperson, drivers distribution manipulated;

– Prevention of damage through theft, fraud, fraudulent management to through regular reviews;

– Determining whether criminal connections at the level of its employees;

– Establish the truth in any contextual situations.

9. Peoples for:

– Polygraph test to their partner in the event of suspicion of infidelity;

– Calumnious accusations (conjugal violence, disappearance of goods, etc.);

– Any situation where it is necessary to establish the truth in a given context.